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Why is the world around us moving in a new direction? This is a direction that many Americans have never experienced. Home foreclosures, credit cards cut in half and distrust in our banks. Things countiune to move in a negative direction CHANGE does not seem like it is going to happen as fast as half of the populas of the country thought it would. Well one thing we can count on is death and taxes. Death will happen, to all of us we neverthink it can happen to us, but it will come for all sooner or latter. You see as Christians or none belivers our Armagadon will come one day. It does not have to happen all at once. It will happen to each and every one of us we will have to answer to GOD. this is fact like the sun is hot, you will Die. So your judgment will come. God loves us Humans but what side do you want to be on? Purification and judgment will come at death. You have time now to Recocile your selves with the living God. The time is now. All will be saved in there time and order. IM posting links for people who thrist for the truth of the true gospel. Click under the links page. for information on the Restoration of all things. Thanks and God Bless

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