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Here is a song by Povia, He  is a famous Italian pop singer who sings about his life.  The song was about when he was gay.  He talks about how he was looking for the gap his father left in his life and the love for his mother  He is confused for a short time and goes with men, then He realizes he likes women and being gay is a life style choice. I believe povia is right in a sense. To all the gay people out there,  you can change and repent.  God does not want this of you. It is a life choice, to have relations with a man just like a women. In other words you have to have to pull the trigger to shoot the Gun. I have ministered to gay men that have come back to being heterosexual. It is a mind set, With Gods help you can change your ways. The holy spirit helps you to change. Your mind is a powerful instrument.  With the help of God through prayer and devoting your life to him with a true heart, This  brings change to  hearts, minds and souls to be cleansed and changed for the purpose of our Lord.

Click here information and translation on this video. It explains how this song created a lot of controversy in italy’s Music festival.

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