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I started this Blogg because My old blogg got accidentally deleted. Now I’m using Word Press I like to share my spiritual information on God and Jesus. I have accumulated many  links, Prayers,  websites, books that will help us grow closer to God. (remember if you Draw closer to God he will Draw closer to you).  The time is now for repentance for Jesus draws near. The times show it more then ever we ( humans) all over the world are suffering unprecedented economic downturns. We are just experiencing the beginning of this, it will get really bad all over the world.  English  system almost collapsed last week. We are feeling it in the United States and most other countries as well . The problems will get wost do your research.  Here is one suggestion.  In response to their pleas, the men behind the curtain have scrambled to devise various bailout schemes; but the schemes have been band aids at best. To bail out a $681 trillion derivative scheme with taxpayer money is obviously impossible. As Michael Panzer observed on Seeking Alpha.com:  This is just one of the reasons why we should yield to God’s warnings or pains that we are experiencing. I will post links for the true gospel of our lord. Now is the time to Repent of your sins and choose the ways of the lord.   Research the derivatives Situation it is just the beginning

Praise Be to God

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