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“People want to continue to ride the merry-go-round and pretend that nothing is happening. If we take a look at what Satan did behind the scenes to Job, we will see that a satanic presence had designed it and the entire goal behind it was to make him angry at God and blaspheme God in all of his misery. Take that to a global level: the demonic presence is the same nature that it always was. That’s what we’re seeing in the world.
“We need to understand that the world we are living in now is not the world in the sense that God designed it in Genesis 1 and 2. In Genesis 3 we find multiple fractures occurred the moment we chose a different lord: immediately death invaded. There was the beginning of a physical death…and a spiritual death, genetics were changed, every aspect: economic, ecological, psychological…and in every consideration from that point on, total fractures occurred. We live in an abnormal, broken and fragmented world. It is not the world that God intended: but the human race opened the door to this.”
We’ve gone through the ‘frog and the kettle.’ We’ve been cooked: the natural order will follow the spiritual order in the collapse. Everyone is looking over his shoulder and wondering, “What’s next?”
– RD

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