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The question I ask is this. Us as humans, waste our time in sin. Which is a short time on earth. We use this time on earth (when God is watching us in acts of sin) lying, stealing, cheating, ect. Our life time is so short, it is nothing. Think of how fast time passes you by.  For example, do you ever look forward for that date when your going to take a trip or vacation?  It comes so fast,  it happens, you enjoy it.  Then your looking for the next Vaction or trip.  life passes you by in a flash.  Are you wiling to sacrifice this short time for age upon age of purfication and being separated form your creator?   I can tell you this, it will not be fun.  So think of your life and others around you.  Repent and love God with all your hart. You are here for a reason, no mistake.   Praise be to the most high

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