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SO time is defently moving at a fast speed. There are sighns in the sky and on your skin. It is like we are living in a bad japanese movie of the future. Take a look at this clip of one of the ex directors of Darpa Now she works for google, showing her new toys that they have in store for you and your children. tattoos and pills that interact with your car, smart phone, all types of electronics. It is like we are a walking I phone. video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwjDfykKUJc . It is like they want us to become cyborgs. God intend us to be flesh and blood not circuitry and blood. As you can see in this crazy video the technology is ready for the mark of the beast and a whole lot more. Other topics of interest are sighns and wonders in the sky. Comet Ison is expected to reach perihelion ( to make it way around the Sun) pass closely to earth with a colorful display. This is NASA official story but this comet has had manny anomils. Do some reserh online. Here is one video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-L0YxZwettU There are plenty of other videos. In ancient times comet always meant something or something to come. So as we go about or daily lives alway be aware everything is not normal. Time is running fast these Days, Keep your mind, body and souls ready. You never no what can happen. Please Keep your faith and eyes on God almighty because in the end, He is all we have. Remember love God with all your heart and Help others in these times and Keep your faith. Praise be to God.


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