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Each Passing day we see more press given to the idea that Ancient Aliens are our creators. Now it comes in the form of our human DNA, that it is coded with a encryption more or less. This code or encryption comes from a race that is billions of years old. The push from Hollywood and the main stream media is on for us to believe these sorts of ideas. Such as we are special to the master creators (Alien races). In most cases these articles or theories make you fell special and unique Like a star child. Here is a example of a article today, I believe it is from the the discovery channel. http://news.discovery.com/space/alien-life-exoplanets/could-an-alien-message-be-embedded-in-our-genetic-code-130401.htm I see more and more of these articles all of the time. The point being is you are special to God almighty, the creator of all. Not to a race of aliens (Fallen Angels). This is the Deception. remember there is only one answer. The Answer is the savior your lord Jesus Christ, Who died for all our sines to give us a path to the Father God. Pray on this, God shall show you. Ask and you shall receive. Praise God Almighty


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Here is the final chapter in the epic of the Pope’s (Petrus Romanus). We as Christian’s and all people of the Earth must begin to prepare our hearts and minds for the Great Deception that is about to fall upon this earth. This would be the Extraterrestrial’s,(Aliens, Fallen Angels,Humans Risen from Dead, Clonied ) are not our creator or father’s , They might say they are but are not. Here lies (The Great Deception) as Quoted by Jesus in the bible, A deception so great even Jesus elect would be fooled if it where not for him, Quote Jesus . Please listen and read these articles how the new pope the last pope in catholic prophesies (Peter the Roman) will guide them in, extraterrestrials or the false prophet,antichrist’s system Here is an excellent radio show on the subject which explains all. It’s about the last pope and what is really happening and what the elites have been waiting for . This is from an author Tom Horn and Steve Quayle both write books on many of these subjects. This is for all the world to hear ,it is a must listen. Let those who have ears hear and those who have eyes see.Here is the link http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cfp-radio/2013/02/15/the-hagmann-hagmann-report. Also here is another good reading current world economic event’s, Russian meteorite, pope and how they all tie in http://countdowntozerotime.org/2013/02/25/shocking-alien-fears-force-pope-from-office-among-other-things/. Please listen and read and pray on these things. The things that are happening in the skies with meteorites the bad economy all over the world and spiritual things aka the pope . These things all seem to be Happening at once, they are all intertwined. Any questions ask more then happy to help. In God, praise be his name

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